The Naked Presenter

Tuesday, July 5, 2011 @ 06:07 PM

The Naked Presenter

Garr Reynolds

New Riders, 2011


I offer seminars and training in presentation skills so I’m always on the lookout for what’s new in the field. There is an added benefit as I incorporate these new ideas into my own presentations to provide a more engaging learning experience for participants. I hit pay dirt with Garr Reynolds latest book The Naked Presenter.


First things first, you don’t need to head to the gym. The author is not proposing nudity in your next presentation! Naked refers to his approach to presentations based on restraint, simplicity and naturalness. Reynolds has an eclectic background grounded in aspects of Zen philosophy. The book follows his approach with great visuals, clear messages and further resources which infuse his book with a unique flow.


As Reynolds says, “We want clear instructions, meaningful data, illustrative stories and frank conversations. Yet we too often get vague language, obfuscation, and dense decks of PowerPoint slides instead of understanding meaningful connections.”


Presenters can be overly cautious and may hide behind bullet points on the screen but does the presenter connect with the audience and make an impact? Presenting naked puts the audience first and creates a conversation as opposed to a performance. The presenter delivers the essence of the message with simplicity, integrity and passion.


Chapters in the book include all aspects of presentation from development through delivery. To whet your appetite here are the author’s thoughts from chapter two on eight steps to developing a presentation:

  1. Create an oasis of solitude to think
  2. Remove distractions from your environment
  3. Go analog with pen and paper or whiteboard
  4. Identify your core point- what do you want people to remember and how you do you want them to be different
  5. Brainstorm around the core point
  6. Consolidate, edit and group ideas
  7. Sketch your visuals
  8. Build simple, clear, engaging visuals


Whether you are a novice presenter or a pro; do short presentations or in depth training and seminars like me, I believe you will find ideas in this book to take your presentations to the next level while staying fully clothed!

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Fern Richardson MBA CED PHEc

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