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Permission to Feel

Dr Marc Brackett PhD, Celadon Books, 2019

Emotions are taking centre stage as a focus in research and application. Brackett is Director of the Yale Center for Emotional Intelligence and a professor at the Yale Child Study Center. His book, Permission to Feel, walks us through the current knowledge on emotions, their importance in our lives and how to we can become more emotionally aware and effective. In Part One of the book, he explains aspects of emotion and encourages us to become emotional scientists in our own lives.


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Where all think alike, no one thinks very much.


Walter Lippman

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Workshop Participants Say:

I found the instructor very open and knowledgeable. Fern had a great attitude and made the course fun and educational.

I really enjoyed the Leading Effective Meetings workshop. It was one of the most useful and well-presented workshops I’ve ever been to!

Thanks Fern- you are a joy and an expert in making the environment a learning one while we are all here.

You are exceptional as a teacher and getting a group of strangers interacting comfortably.

Fern is an extremely competent and engaging facilitator. Her presentation materials and style are highly professional.

The instructor was excellent, combining humour, wit, energy. I very much enjoyed the day and have learned applied a lot of the content already! Well done Fern!!

Thanks Fern for all your enthusiasm, interest, “facilitation” and senses of humour. It made the courses more understandable, interesting and better digested in our workplace.

Great session Fern. I really enjoyed this class and your knowledge and expertise and best of all your enthusiasm. Thank you.

I will be able to use these skills in my every day dealings.

One of the best courses I have attended in quite some time. Course content was excellent- just the right amount of material.

I really enjoyed this course. I learned some valuable tools that I can apply at work. Fern is an engaging facilitator- worked towards meeting the expectations of the course participants.

Good balance of group work and lecture time- great course- informative relevant. It’s just right- suits my learning style perfectly.

You model strong, professional commitment, very competent and effective people skills and combine all of this with a memorable sense of humour and wit.

Provided us with current and up-to-date strategies, material and ideas that will enhance our personal and interpersonal skills.

Fern you did a great job. I enjoyed my two days. You are an awesome lady.

Very good two day class. I learned a great deal about understanding other people.

Fern was an amazing instructor. I really enjoyed the way she taught the class and how she also interacted individually with the participants. I would definitely take more courses being taught by her.

Thank you for such an enjoyable course. I found the examples and visual aids you used to reinforce the learning objectives useful and they helped me connect the dots. You were a wonderful instructor. ...

I enjoyed your teaching style, examples, and humour.