Training & Seminars


Training & Seminars

Whether you are a manager, a team lead, supervisor, or director there is one constant to your position, you are expected to be able to get the job done – through others. Your success depends on skills such as being able to build teams, resolve conflict, manage time effectively, identify management and leadership styles, strategic planning, and communication – just to name a few.

While no one ever said it would be easy, there is certainly expert training in Edmonton. Fern Richardson and Associates Ltd., provides training and seminars with proven techniques and instructions for your team’s success. We concentrate on creating an atmosphere of communication and cooperation and our sessions are enlightening, interactive and exceedingly motivational.


In addition, we are certified to administer and interpret:



Here are our most popular Edmonton training workshops and seminars:

Communication Workshops


Leadership Workshops


Organizational Management Workshops


Self Management Workshops